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Fenugreek & Fennel Extract

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  • 59ml Bottle (14 day supply)
  • Key System Product (KSP) for the respiratory system
  • Balanced Liquid formula, easy to assimilate, alcohol free
Did You Know?
The respiratory system is responsible for supplying oxygen to the blood and expelling waste gases. Without life-giving oxygen, cells cannot utilise the energy resources that are available to them and so cannot function. Without oxygen, body cells start dying within minutes. If the efficiency of the respiratory system begins to diminish, any energy stored in the body must be released at a slower rate. Since oxygen is so vital to the energy needs of the body, it is essential that we maintain healthy lungs by breathing unpolluted air as much as possible and by supplying the body with good nutrition.
The respiratory tract, which is especially vulnerable to particles floating in the air due to pollution, has several ways of dealing with these particles. For example, the cough and the sneeze reflexes keep the passageways of the lungs clear of foreign matter. The hairs in the nose trap irritants, contaminants, bacteria, viruses, fungi, vehicle exhaust fumes and other materials. But not all particles are trapped here. If particles are trapped further down in the tract, bronchitis and other breathing difficulties may result. 
What are the benefits?
Fenugreek & Fennel Combination Extract is one of Nature's Sunshine's Key System Products (KSP) for the Respiratory system. It is a traditional formula used by nutritionists for the respiratory system and provides specific nutrients that nourish the lungs.
This formula contains the finest quality herbs available in a liquid form that is easy to assimilate. Healthy lung function helps protect the body from seasonal airborne substances, and Nature’s Sunshine developed this formula with that in mind, using only the finest quality ingredients formulated by their own team of expert nutritionists, herbalists, pharmacognosists and biologists. Fenugreek & Fennel Combination Extract combines them in a balanced formula providing all the benefits of its powdered counterpart in an easily assimilable liquid form, preserved in an alcohol free glycerin base. 
Ingredients: Boneset aerial parts extract (Eupatorium perfoliatum), fennel seed extract (Foeniculum vulgare), fenugreek seed extract (Trigonella foenum-graecum), horseradish root extract (Armoracia rusticana), mullein leaf extract (Verbascum thapsus) in vegetable glycerin and water.

Recommendation: Adults take 20-30 drops (1-2 ml), with water every two to four hours, up to four times a day.

Children age 6 years or older take 10-20 drops (0.5-1 ml) with water every two to four hours.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dosage.

Each 4ml serving contains: Boneset aerial parts extract, fennel seed extract, fenugreek seed extract, horseradish root extract, mullein leaf extract.

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Sales price 13,55 €
Sales price without tax 19,36 €
Discount -5,81 €