Discount NSP for our customers

What is a discount number?

For regular customers, our store provides a 30% discount.

You will purchase products without a retail margin of 40%.

To be a regular customer of our store, you need to issue a "Discount Number" of NSP and make purchases on our website at least once every six months.

The discount number DOES NOT BELIEVE YOU:

  • To monthly or other kinds of purchases;
  • To the sale of our products.

With a discount number, which is issued on our website:

  • You will receive a permanent 30% discount on your orders
  • You will become a member of the funded bonus system
  • You will have the opportunity to receive a program for restoring health from our specialist.

How to get a discount NSP (discount number)

You can get a discount number (NSP discount) at the first order more than $ 41, the required amount is indicated in the categories with the goods in the block "Discount calculator."

You can make subsequent orders for any amount: $ 10, $ 30, $ 210 ... or do not make orders, you will still have a discount.

We do not require DO NOT REQUIRE passport data for the discount

How to make an order to receive a discount

To get an NSP discount, you can choose, more convenient, from the options:

1) Make an order through the "shopping cart" for more than $ 41.

2) Make an order through the "Online Consultant" (button in the lower right corner). Inform the consultant about your desire to buy products at a discount, everything else will be done by us: an order is made, a discount number and all information will be sent to your e-mail.

Best Products

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Sales price: 24.65$
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