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Pro Relax

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Stress tolerance

Peace of mind

Be calm about your health

Our health often suffers from stress and anxiety. The way the world rushes by each day leads to anxiety. The blistering pace of changes takes away our stability and often makes us uncertain about having a better or simply peaceful tomorrow. Yes, stress has become our everyday companion and we encounter stressful situations every day. Scientists have no doubts that stress is also one of the greatest threats to our health. 

Dealing with stress effectively requires us to take care of proper cognitive and psychological, as well as brain functions. Good memory and correct perception can protect us from anxiety. 

The Pro Relax set was formulated to soothe nerves and give us a bit of respite in the speeding world, but also to support our cognitive faculties. The set's formula has been developed to strengthen stress resistance without causing weariness.

Don't worry about your health!

Gotu Kola, or the Asiatic pennywort, is a plant mankind has known for thousands of years. Even though scientists are still discovering its new properties, it is already known that it perfectly harmonises the circulatory system and maintains proper cognitive functions, i.e. concentration and memory.

Hops & Valerian with Passionflower is a product created to fight stress. Valerian aids in healthy sleep, hops have calming properties, while passionflower improves resistance to stress. 

The set couldn't be without Lecithin, a very important element of the brain and nervous tissue.

Magnesium is a great source of magnesium and in the set it is responsible for counteracting fatigue and weariness, but also for maintaining proper mental functions.

No one needs convincing as to how important omega-3 fatty acids are for our health. Super Omega 3 EPA is included in the Pro Relax set, because it has docosahexaenoic acid, which has a positive effect on brain functions when consumed in an amount of at least 250 mg. 

Vitamin B Complex is, of course, a source of B vitamins, which are best known for their positive effect on mental functions and help fight fatigue.

The kit is supplemented with vitamin D3, essential each and every day.

Included in the set: 
Gotu Kola
Hops & Valerian with Passionflower
2 x Super Omega 3 EPA
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin D3

Recommended use: 
Use all the products included in the set in accordance with the instructions on the labels. 

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Pro Relax
Sales price 130,00 €
Sales price without tax 182,00 €
Discount -52,00 €