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Sample Set

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A selection of favorite foods for the whole family.

Sometimes it's just not that easy to choose. Samples are an excellent option. The Sample Set takes comprehensive care of your health and gives you time to choose the best products for the whole family.

Included in the set: 

2x Bifidophilus Bacteria
4x Liquid Chlorophyll
1x Collagen+
1x SmartMeal
2x Vitamin C
2x Chondroitin
1x Zinc ALT
2x Red Clover
1x Grapin and Antioxidants
1x Kelp
2x Koenzym Q10 Plus
2x Lecithin
1x Loclo
2x Cayenne pepper, Garlic, Parsley
1x Aloe juice
1x Garlic
1x Super Omega 3 EPA
1x Solstic Energy from Nature
1x Calcium Plus Vitamin D
1x Super Complex
3x Zambroza
2x Tei-Fu massage lotion
1x Protective Silver
1x Hand & Body Cream

Recommended use: 

Use all the products included in the set in accordance with the instructions on the labels. 

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Sample Set
Sales price 649,00 €
Sales price without tax 908,00 €
Discount -259,00 €